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A Restaurant Located in Oneida, NY

Welcome to Kenwood and Vine! It is our hope to provide diners with 2 options: Stay in your food comfort zone or step (or even leap!) outside of your comfort zone. It's up to you. We encourage guests to forego the traditional appetizer-entree-dessert format in favor of a more share-and-share-alike approach; an approach to the evening meal that is embraced in other countries across the world - from the tapas bars of Spain to the izakayas of Japan. Order a selection of dishes for the whole table to share. We bring you this dining experience using as many local meats, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits as we can get. Please see the local suppliers page for information on the farmers and artisans from whom we source, and, by all means, go and visit them yourselves at local farmers markets. We look forward to sharing our food and vision with you!